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- Seunghun: my talk today (8/15) is about a recent paper:
- Seunghun: follow-up: A classical MC simulation study on SCGO can be found in the following paper. Their conclusion for uniform J_NN is that the spins on tetrahedron are non-coplanar, and that any ordering (both long and short) is suppressed:
- Seunghun: follow-up2: An old unpublished analytical study on SCGO by Chris Henley was reported at the 1997 APS march meeting. His conclusion is that the model with uniform J_NN will have a long range order by quantum fluctuations, and the spins on the tetrahedron are collinear or nearly collinear:


1. T. Senthil [Metallic Pyrochlore Iridates]

2. Gang Chen [Mo Double Perovskites and other materials]
Ba2YMoO6 (experiments),

3. Patrick Lee [Mo ions on triangular lattice]
LiZn2Mo3O8 (experiments)
Possible valence-bond condensation in the frustrated magnet cluster LiZn2Mo3O8
J.P. Sheckelton, J.R. Neilson, D.G. Soltan, and T.M. McQueen
Nature Materials
VOL 11, 493, (2012)

4. Itamar Kimchi [Honeycomb Iridates]
Kitaev exchange theoretical proposal:
Na2IrO3 early experiments:
Na2IrO3 neutron scattering:
Na and Li experiment:

5. Hong-Chen Jiang (Spin liquid ground state of the spin-1/2 square J1-J2 Heisenberg model)